Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, March 31, 2010

There is a nice post on Dr Hawass' blog with a picture.  The false door was from the 18th Dynasty tomb (TT61) of User, Vizier to Hatshepsut and reused in a Roman structure at Karnak.  Personally I find it interesting that Hatshepsut was as far in the past for the Romans as the Romans are for us which sets things into a sort of perspective.


styler78 said...

Wow- perspective indeed. I had not thought of things in that way. Hatshepsut would have been almost mythical to the Romans. If the Romans could not read Hieroglyphs, then it would have made sense to them re-using almost anything made of stone they came across as they would not have known the significance of many of the re-used items.

I look forward to a translation of the inscriptions. Thanks Kate (and Co.) :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Kate's comment re Hatshepsut and the Romans does really put the sheer longevity of Ancient Egyptian civilisation in perspective. Taking it a step further consider that King Narmer would have been even further removed in time from Hatshepsut as to Hatshepsut and the Romans.


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