Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, March 14, 2010

Long term readers will know that in 2008 Dr Hawass announced he had found two new tombs in the Valley of the Kings which were dubbed KV64 and KV65.  It seems that annoucement was somewhat - well actually entirely - inaccurate and he has now written that no tombs have been found

I think many of us still worry that the radar anomoly reported by Nicholas Reeves may lie outside the area investigated.  Hopefully exploration will continue because we know there are tombs which have not been found including Isisnofret which is the one which excites me.  (I'm also very interested in the tombs of the Priest Kings of the late 21st Dynasty.  When the mummies of earlier generations were removed to the two [known] mummy caches they probably acquired a wealth of funerary goods for their own use and knew to hide their own tomb well.  There is possibly one spectacular find to be made.)

In his report, Dr Hawass remains optimistic that a tomb may be found in the Western Valley of the Kings (which he calls the Valley of the Monkeys).  

While Hawass drives me crazy at times, I do hope his efforts are rewarded with a major find.  As an Egyptologist, he does deserve one.  Maybe KV17 or a chamber in the Great Pyramid will be his Tutankhamun-moment as KV62 was for Carter, but if he persists I still believe there is at least one tomb remaining in the Theban Hills which could surpass Carter's discovery. 


Anonymous said...

what about the anomoly underneath the rest house?? I thought ZH's view was that was the most interesting area to excavate next - seems no news on that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. How can anyone possibly take anything Hawass says seriously now? His reputation is in tatters.

"We have found the entrances to two tombs..." you haven't!

The Green Man

Anonymous said...

The possibility of finding Priest King Herihor's tomb is still viable, is it not? If I ever get to visit the West Bank of Thebes, I would like to seek out the wadi Gharbi south of the Valley of the Kings, and take a trained tomb sniffing dog with me!

Anonymous said...


Yes, Herihor's tomb still eludes archaeologists. John Romer for one has suggested that Herihor's resting place (and others) could be located in the South Valley.

We can only hope that one day a discovery will be made.

Apologies if my post yesterday came across as being particularly negative - I just find Dr Hawass's premature announcements to be frustrating & divisive.


The Green Man

Anonymous said...

i was in egypt in 2008, and the guide told me that there were tombs found, soon to be announced.. a lot of 'news' doesn't get out of egypt..


Anonymous said...

If a new tomb had of been found given Hawasses spew of statements about being on the verge of finding tombs i dont think he is the type of person who after this length of time would have bene able to contain himself and not tell the world that he had found a tomb, unless i have seriously misread him. Re what the guide told you anon do you not think that this is typical of what guides say to drum up excitement and make it appear that they are party to special knowledge and in the know!

DAKK said...

There were new digs happening near existing tombs when I was there late March 2010 in the Valley. Wonder what if anything has been found? DAKK. 31st August, 2010.

John Bright said...

There is one person who might be found buried in the West Valley, namely Amenhotep Son of Hapu. He had the unusual, if not umique distinction, of having a mortuary temple among those of the pharaohs. As a major influence on Amenhotep III's Sed Festival, a place of burial near his king would be expected.

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