Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, April 11, 2010

With a huge thank you to Stewart Herring, here are his photos of the cable trenches running across the Theban hills.  Since these are taken outside the Valley and the Kings they are outside the area of the photo ban I think so I have no problem in showing them.

Stewart has listed them as follows:

0970  is looking over the temple at the workers village.
0974  looks over the Theban hills towards the valley of the Queens.  I took it as a hell of example of a test trench!
0978  is looking from the ledge almost above Hatshepsuts mortury temple.  You can see two, one has already appeared in 0970 (background) and one on the nearer hill which carries on in 0979  (top of frame) and carries on to appear in 1030  which was taken from the first level at Hatshepsut (top left corner)

I have somewhat reduced the size of the photos Stewart sent me but if you click on them they should display at about twice the size shown.


Stewart has kindly resent copies of a couple of these images which seems to have fixed the earlier display problems.

5 comments: said...

CABLE-T.V? love,mary.xx

Roger Hubert said...

Interesting to see major cable being laid into a most sparse area. Dare one reason an unannounced need for more power, lighting, high-tech security, and for high volume media plug-ins? Might this indeed hint toward ancient marvels about to be unveiled? Thanks for posting these photos. They sure seem to have a purpose to follow.

jowdjbrown said...

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