Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, April 28, 2010

... there's just nothing worthwhile to report at present.


styler78 said...

Good to hear it.

Also nice to see you on a UK based Egypt- related Forum too in recent weeks.

News is relatively slow, so have a breather... I am sure Dr Hawass will have something sensational to say soon, so make the most of the break!

Anonymous said...

Have you got an inside line Styler?

Dennis said...

Funny you should mention Zahi saying something: See EEF latest News (612): "Hawass also announced that a set of four foundation deposits - similar to time capsules - and a limestone fragment with a text indicating a tomb was hidden nearby were recently discovered in the Valley of the Kings."
As usual, nothing new or definitive or checkable!

Kate Phizackerley said...

I reported on the foundation deposits a few weeks ago - they are in the Western Valley of the Kings near WV23. In fact, I think I have a photo of one of them. Given the new rules I decided not to post it, although I think this blog is exempted under the "non-commercial" proviions - I'm glad I never added adverts.

The limstone fragment is new news I think - I'd like to see an image of that but I don't think we'll get one.


styler78 said...

No inside line- i am just growing frustrated by the "official news".

I tend to learn so much more from Kate Phiz, Egyptian Forums and other resources than relying on Dr Hawass.

Although i like intrigue, i am not that satisfied with the "official reports, etc" of late. Speaking to others in forums, etc gives such a better insight and reality check on the SCA's reports.

See Kate's own words relating to the JAMA report. So much more thought out and concise than a Zahi interview.


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