Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, April 05, 2010

Jane is reporting that tomb QV43 in the Valley of the Queens is open as a replacement for QV44 Khaemwaset  which is shut for renovation.  As she says, how long it remians open remains to be seen.  I was excited when I heard KV57 (Horemheb) was open in the Valley of the Kings was open last year but it shut again within weeks.

QV43 is the tomb of Sethherkhopsef who reigned as Ramesses VIII (Ramesses Sethherkhepshef Meryamun)  and was buried in the Valley of the Kings ... At least that is what we believe as his kingly tomb has not been found although it was one of the tombs Dr Hawass indicated in November 2008 that he had found in the Valley of the Kings.  As recently reported, his latest press release has poured cold water on that but not everybody is convinced that no tomb has been found.



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