Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, May 24, 2010

I picked up a copy of the free Metro paper this morning and there was a picture of a mummy case and the headline ... but frustratingly no text!  Fortunately Stuart Tyler came to the rescue with the link to the AP version of the story.  The tombs have been found at Lahoun un the Fayoum.  That's Lower Egypt so out of the scope for me here - but the beauty of running a blog is an ability to break the rules from time to time!

The tombs are from a variety of periods from the Old Kingdom through to the New Kingdom.  There's a copy of the story on the Hawass site as well which reports only 45 tombs.  Take your pick as to which is correct.  The AP version of the story though has more pictures but for visit both sites as the pictures are different.

Thanks Stuart.


Jamie Gibbs said...

This is pretty exciting stuff. Apparently, they've found 4 cemeteries in total: OK, MK, NK and Late Period. By the sounds of it most of if not all of the tombs are intact. I'm hoping we get some more info on the MK coffins, I'm needing some Coffin Texts for my MA thesis :D

styler78 said...

Its my absolute pleasure to help. Anything new in the world of Ancient Egypt should be shared with everyone.

It will be very interesting to hear the full reports. Isn't this the closest thing we have to the valley of the golden mummies in recent times?

Te information this site will tell us could prove to be very valuable indeed,

Thanks Kate,


Emily Whale said...
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