Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, May 11, 2010

They have been online for sometime but I have only just found the photos from the Lucy Gura archive by the The Egypt Exploration Society. I like the photo showing the clearance of the Middle Court of Hatshepsut’s temple in 1894. You can jump off from there to the rest of the set.  For instance the work was on such a large scale that they set up a little mine railroad to carry the rubble away.


styler78 said...

Kate- thank you so much for this. I have recently been looking into the excavations of Deir- El- Bahari from 1926 (Winlock and Co.) and have found the photographs they provide to be extremely helpful with the research i am currently doing on the Deir El Bahari complex. The photos you have provided links for will be of great help to me in my research.

The photo provided really shows how badly ruined the complex was in 1894 and the great work which has been done to restore one of the most important sites in Egypt (to me)..

If anyone knows how to obtain more pics, i will be grateful to hear from you...

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks for saying. I like the old photos but I always worry about posting them up when I find them because I'm not sure whether it's an interest others share. I'm glad you do. It encourages me to post up any others I may come across.

styler78 said...

Please do Kate. The modern photos can been seen all over the internet and in books, but the real gems are those which came before the days of mass production. Such as (for example) the David Roberts paintings- they are a wonderful snapshot in time, before most of the excavations. I am very interested in these photos, please continue to post these if you come accross more.
They are as valuable as Jane and Andys photos on recent discoveries because most of us haven't seen such images before..


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