Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sorry it's last minute but I have only just spotted it.  Five are showing the Tutankhamun DNA documentary tonight at 8pm. 

NB I don't think this is going on Five on Demand so don't miss it expecting to watch online later!


styler78 said...

I missed, it, damn!!

I am sure it will be on again soon though

Anonymous said...

I missed it too. But "Tutankhamun revealed" isn`t the title of the show on the DNA testing which is called "King Tut unwrapped".
Maybe the one on Five was a replay of an older documentary.

Anonymous said...

Just in addition to my previous comment: I double-checked with Five that the title is "Tutankhamun-The Mystery Revealed".
As this does sound like a new show I asked Five to broadcast it again.
Maybe they will do it if there is some more demand.


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