Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, May 16, 2010

I didn't go looking for this, honest!  It just happened to come up when I was doing one of my periodic searches for pictures of the Valley of the Kings.

It's taken from "The Nile Boat or Glimpses of the Land of Egypt", by W H Bartlett and published 1862 so I'm guessing the image probably shows the Valley of the Kings in 1860,1861 or 1862.


tim said...

Hi Kate

Since W. H. Bartlett died in 1854 I would suspect the image to predate that date.


tim said...

Hi Again W. H. Bartlett was in the middle east in the late 1840's maybe 1848-49


Anonymous said...

This looks like a sketch rather than a photograph, kate, DaveH

Kate Phizackerley said...

Opps Guys! Thanks to Tim for doing the research and Dave, yes, it's obviously a sketch not a photo, clearly a Kate blonde moment.


Vincent said...

Hi Kate,

You can find more images from this book at Jon Bodsworth's website.

There Jon has posted an excerpt from the "Nile Boat":

In the mid 1850s W H Bartlett visited Egypt and travelled down the Nile by boat. He recorded his impressions in a book called 'The Nile Boat or Glimpses of the Land of Egypt'. The plates in the book where engraved from his own drawings except for the material from Abu Simbel which he did not reach due to illness.

The plates here are reproduced from a fifth edition of the book published in 1862.

Vincent said...

Here is the link:

styler78 said...

Thanks Kate and Vincent. The pictures are fantastic and very useful indeed, as too is the link.

The sketches from the 1800's (in general) and the rare photos are not shown enough (in my opinion) but are great for research.

ruthduff said...

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