Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chasing Mummies is the new series from Dr Zahi Hawass which premiers on the History Channel in the US on July 14th.  There is a promo video from YouTube below.

This is an unbelievable video.  I suspected that it was a spoof but the same video is on the History Channel site.  I think this is the series for which people were invited to send it audition videos.   Gosh you'd have to be desperate for behind the scenes access to make it worthwhile.  I guess it's partly in the style of programmes like Hell's Kitchen but in all honesty it's just a bit too believable to make comfortable viewing.

Zahi's biography on the History Channel site is somewhat surprising as well.  It advertises other programmes we might like including "Ancient Aliens" .  The blurb for this says "if ancient aliens visited Earth, who were they, and where did they come from? Find out on Ancient Aliens on" If you browse around the site there are some nice photos of mummies (see under Great Mummy Discoveries) and an episode guide.  Usually I'd feel deprived that we weren't getting it in the UK at the same time (later for those of us like me who don't have cable) but in this case I really can genuinely say I am happy to miss this series.


Anonymous said...

Wow, see what you mean! Daveh

waywardcats said...

Wow. I'm speechless.


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