Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, June 25, 2010

No not a video nasty! Vincent Brown has found a History Channel video on the death of Tutankhamun from a broken leg.. 


Ron Lankshear said...

But Kate I thought that was what Zahi was saying
In essence "New tests have suggested that Egyptian pharoah Tutankhamun could have died after complications from a broken leg aggravated by malaria."
New theory on King Tut's death on Discovery Discovery Channel

Above relates to TV I saw recently - Zahi was hopping around saying Tut was a mad keen chariot racer and had an accident and that he was great general and it was probably when on a campaign. I wasn't sure if in Nubia or Syria. A lot of straw man stuff about this boy astounding everyone and being a military genius. Yes he has lots of chariots in his tomb.

A lot was made of Tut's activities in Nubia. It was a real hype show. One of the presenters walks into some place in south and for first time sees this wall painting and says "Tut".

I like an exciting show but I also like facts presented with logic.

Thanks for all the news you bring


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