Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a genuine subject of conjecture! It's explained in this blog article at New Scientist:


Stephanie said...

The author of the article speaks of Antley-Bixler-Syndrome as an overproduction of estrogene causing elongated skulls and feminine appearance.

But as can be derived from the recently published letters in JAMA in Antley-Bixler the estrogene production is insufficient which results in underdeveloped genitals in both sexes. So males do need their share of estrogene too!

There is actually no discussion on Tut`s penis size in the letters, it is taken as normal. What is suggested is that an as yet undescribed form of Antley-Bixler-Syndrome with overproduction of estrogene (and this time it`s really overproduction) could have caused a feminine appearance.
But IMO this is somewhat fishy, because it assumes the presence of a disease which in fact in present days does not exist.
Furthermore it has been stated in several examination reports that neither KV55 nor Tut shows signs of premature closure of sutures which would be a major condition to assume Antley-Bixler.

René said...

According to Otto Neubert (in his book Tut-ench-Amun - Gott in goldenen Särgen) the size of Tutankhamun's penis was 12 cm and it was Circumcised and still attached to Tut's body.....
Different scientist, different story?

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Kate Phizackerley said...

Stephanie, I'm with you on this. I don't think there is any evidence of Antley Bixler Syndrome - although I did have to look that up so I'm not exactly an expert! Indeed, I think there are few grounds for suggesting that Tutankhamun suffered from any excess of estrogen (or over-sensitivity).

Anonymous said...

The feminine forms belong to a metaphysical programing. No need to search in alleged diseases.

In Luxor Temple the wall decoration corresponding to the thighs were carved at the time of Tutankhamun's kingship.

Anonymous said...

This book was fabulouse; joking it was poo poo!

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