Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adrienne Giacon has found this interesting paper looking at the Y-DNA of modern Egyptians.

This article shows that many are V
A haplogroup found amongst the Berbers.

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I said haplogroups "blur". What I mean is that mutations accumulate. R1b isn't a precise set of alleles, it's a probability density function. A man and his cousins could have different alleles but share the same haplogroup.

I also totally agree this is entirely separate to race. If an article suggests it is the same as race that's when my hackles rise.


Interestingly there are 3 separate threads of research each showing different aspects of migration: Y-DNA, mtDNA and language. It'll be the synthesis of all of those which will really be interesting. For instance I'm wondering whether there are similarities between ancient chadric languages and/or Berber and/or Ancient Egyptian.

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