Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, July 15, 2010

A tiny clay fragment has been found in Jerusalem. It's believed to be from a letter to Akhenaten. Discovery have the story and a picture.

(It's Discovery so they describe Akhenaten as the father of Tutankhamun, although of course we know better!)


korshi said...

He wasn't Akhenaten's son? I thought they'd found a stela describing him as the s3 nswt n Xt or something like that?

Ron Lankshear said...

The article seems to say because of when it looks like it was then it must be part of Amarna letters. And then goes off on comments about Amenhotep and Tut.
Surely more important to find some better evidence that is was Addressed to Akenaten.
So is sole point to support current official genealogy......

Akhenaten said...

That was interesting.
Not sure though how much it would mean for us in terms of helping to identify Akhenaten better.
Adam, Egypt.


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