Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jane Akshar has a great post reporting that the Tomb of Irynefer, TT290, at Deir-el-Bahri Deir el Medina is currently open for visitors.  Jane has gathered what is known about the tomb in her article so I'll say no more here.


Jane Akshar said...

It is at Deir el Medina not Deir el Bahri :)

Kate Phizackerley said...

Of course it is! I can visualise where it is quite clearly too!

Having a bad day with computers. Doesn't happen to me very often. I did a long document for a job application and for some reason Word hasn't saved it. As I was saving every paragraph as always, that is a mystery to me, but these things happen. I know now what I am doing tomorrow. For tonight I'm going to pamper myself and watch some West Wing on DVD

Jane Akshar said...

I could see you kicking yourself lol


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