Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, August 14, 2010

Topography of Thebes, and a General View of Egypt by Sir John Gardner Wilkinson is available free on Google books.  If you want to read it all, there is a link to a PDF.  It's fairly easy to find the material on the Valley of the Kings but remember that  "Biban el Malook" is the Arabic name for the wadi that is the Valley of the Kings - although it is usually transliterated differently these days. 

There is coverage of much more of the Theban West Bank, although Sir John opines that "one or two days frequently suffice to look over the whole of Thebes."  There is also some general material about Egypt that I wouldn't particularly recommend.  

The book was published in 1867 and includes details of Sir John's visit in 1827 so this is a book which will be appreciate by those readers who are interested in the history of the discoveries of the Valley of the Kings rather than those looking for contemporary information.


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