Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, September 08, 2010

While there is little new news, here is something from the past - videos of the Amarna Royal Tombs Project excavations in the Valley of the Kings in the early Noughties.

This one (Video 0 - Intro) is he first and somewhat dull with fairly low production standards:

Video 3 - Hoping has a commentary by Nicholas Reeves in which he explains what ARTP hoped could be found. He poses the question: where are Meketaten and the other princesses buried?

Video 7 - Found is a great video. This is a must watch. Nicholas Revees covers some of the key finds.

Video 8 - Ahead looks at what could be found in future. I won't spoil the surprise but is this where the missing tomb of the Amarnan royal women is located? Could there by two undiscovered tombs? As we know, the ARTP lost their concession and Hawass dug a slightly different area.

I have skipped several. If you want to see the others, search Google.

PS Why cannot we have videos of this quality from the Hawass digs?


s stockwell said...

Dr. Zahi may want to consider reviving Reeve's ARTP in some cooperative manner since he has so much on his plate. This would generate some powerful fresh sponsorship and give Reeves the chance he deserves to fulfill his promise.

tim said...

No point perhaps when Discovery will build the doctor a new lab and various media outlets will flood Dr. Hawass' excavations with barrels of money for the footage.

I also agree with S.


kmtscribe said...

The digging in the Valley during the 'off season'this year, lead to lots of speculation. However, it has been revealed that the area south of Medinet Habu to just beyond the Valley of the Kings will be illuminated. The digging was for the large trenches to house the wires.

Dennis said...

I rather suspect that Hawass will NOT renew Reeves concession for various reasons. Reeves for his side released surveys of "Area 18" and "Area 19" but, not the full reports on the GPR studies. Releasing these areas appears to have caused Zahi dug them up so HE could look at 'features 2, 3, 7, and 8'. He may have found something at Feature 8. If he had looked more closely he would have realized that "Feature 5" appears to be more of an entrance pit. The films you so wonderfully posted point to an area not covered by the released GPR data - what Reeves calls "ARTP Operation 1". Can't wait for the games to begin.

kmtscribe said...

Unfortunately Nicholas Reeves scans all turned out to be anomalies. His scans were done in 2000, now 10 years ago, and the technology used then only penetrated 2 metres.
Bedrock is 5 metres below the tourist path so that all of his anomalies were suspended in the backfill, not bedrock features.
Recent extensive scanning, using state of the art equipment that
penetrates 8 metres, amongst other things, proved that:
Feature 1 turned out to be nothing
Feature 2 which looked like a descending passageway with tomb at the end, was a natural joint in the rock
Feature 3 and 4 turned out to be nothing
Feature 5 was an electric pipe
Feature 6 was near KV63 but was not the tomb that Otto Schaden found so deep down. At the time of this tomb discovery, Reeves scans had not been calibrated
Feature 7 was the cave uncovered by the Egyptian team
Feature 8 and 9 turned out to be nothing
The tomb holding the re-burial of the Amarna princesses, still remains hidden. No one will be allowed to find it, except Hawass.

Dennis said...

I had heard "only penetrated 2 meters" before but threw it out as rumor because Reeves used a 400 MHz GPR system. In a ground penetrating radar - the receiver side must be turned off while the transmitter is turned on for obvious reasons. 400 MHZ has a wave length of about 0.75 meters. So the receiver is off for about the first 1.5 perhaps 2 meters of wave penetration. Looking at Reeves or any other data shows reflections at depths well below 2 meters. The 2 meter statement is propaganda and not supported by many other sources.
As far as the bedrock at 5 meters is concerned one could look at the entrances to KV-62 and KV-63 plus the last year's photos of Zahi's digs to see that is also not correct.
Yes, Zahi found an electrical cable near KV-62. The electric cable which powers some of the tombs is marked on Reeves' map and the map marks match the photo showing someone with the cable. This is not the position of feature 5.
I am aware of some of the latest technology GPR systems developed for the military. Yes the system Reeves used is old style but what I have seen in commercial use lately has not gone very far.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I agree with your view that we are being subjected to progaganda. Dr Reeves has published the data; Dr Hawass has kept the new results confidential. Which is inherently therefore more believable, a doctor who published the raw data to support his analysis or one who doesn't?

kmtscribe said...

The American Dash Foundation for Archaeological Research team
used GSSI SIR-2000, a 200MHz radar for their scans. Geologist
friend confirms that the bedrock
in the central area of the valley
where they dug was 5 metres below the tourist path.
Photos and report here
I do agree that Hawass will not share information.
The "proof" that (KV35YL) Younger Lady was/is Akhenaten's full sister and not a relative, (therefore not Nefertiti) has been
challenged by the German Prof doing the testing.

Dennis said...

Can your geologist friend obtain a copy of the GPR report? (You might ask if he also was sworn to secrecy about any findings.) That would be informative. I see in your linked page where Hawass states that bedrock "lies some 6 meters below the current surface". What I was confused about is that 6 meters is 3 times the height of a man while every photo I had seen showed trenches down to about 3 meters.
A 200 MHz machine does have better penetration that a 400 MHz machine. One gains depth at the expense of being able to detect smaller featurs. 1.5 meters versis 0.75 meters.
Back when Zahi's digs were going on I had put the position of the trenches on a map which also contained Reeves' data. Feature 5 on my map showed up just where the trench had started to slope down from the path. I had assumed that Hawass' GPR study was done after the trenches were dug (as shown in his photos of the workers) while the feature 5 position on map was at a serious slope not usable by a GPR pusher. Again where is the map of the GPR tracks and the data from those tracks? That shows credibility.


Stephanie said...

Hello kmtscribe,
a few days ago you stated in your post that the statement of the YL being KV55`s full sister has been contended by the German scientist.That`s intruiging news because I do doubt this finding anyway.
Is it Dr. Pusch or Dr.Zink who contends this conclusion, and may I ask how and how much you have heard about this issue?
Thank you very much for your answer.

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