Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kamil Zachert has published some new photos of the Polish team's work and visit to the Theban Hills in November 2010.  The Herhor website has also been updated since I last looked - and the design is more modern - but there is no text to accompany the new photos.  However, I believe the story is this.  An overhang has been a worry for the Temple of Hatshepsut beneath and I think that in September 2010 that overhang has been removed to prejent disaster.  Personally I think the Temple of Hatshepsut should have been regarded as one of the Seven Wonders - it is an absolutely peerless piece of design - so this is really important work.


Stuart Tyler said...

Kate, would this have anything to do with the boulder, which you covered a year or so ago? The story at the time was of a huge boulder, which could endanger the temple if it fell?

Excuse the ignorance,



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