Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, September 08, 2010

While I am adding videos, here is one of the CAT scan on K35EL and KV35YL. Obviously we now know that neither is Nefertiti but it is still worth watching for good shots of the mummies.


kmtscribe said...

Unfortunately, the identity of the
Younger Lady has not been positively proven to NOT be Nefertiti. Even the German professor doing the DNA testing has reported in the German press that the test proved that she was 'related' to Akhenaten, not POSITIVE that she was a full sister can still be cousin. Hawass has to prove her to be someone else, otherwise Joanne Fletcher would be right.
A very sad day for science when someone can bully people for his own ends.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago, Nicholas Reeves suggested that the Younger Lady was Princess Sitamun. His logic was that the 3 bodies in the side chamber had come from the tomb of Amenhotep III. Despite Dr, Fletcher's theory that the body is that of Nefertiti, Reeves' idea seems more in keeping with the logic of the time: why would Nefertiti be buried in the Valley of the Kings. The DNA testing, as shown on various tv programmes seems to have lacked a dispassionate approach as if the conclusions were drawn in advance. They need to be repeated in a neutral environment away from "political" interference and preferacly on an anonymous (to the testers) basis to forestall preconceptions influencing the outcome.


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