Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Jane Akshar has posted several reports from Mummification Museum lectures including TT11 and TT12, the immense TT34  and the possibility of a tomb belonging to Amenhotep I in the cliffs above Deir el-Bahri.

I've deliberatley not posted about the tomb at Deir el-Bahri because it didn't seem to be in the public domain. I'm not certain whether it's one tomb or two. Since Jane has covered it, I'll post something more detailed in the next few days.  Fortunately the cliffs are hard to access and are well-guarded so a tomb should be fairly secure. My personal interest list (highest first) is:

  1. Cliff tomb(s?) at Deir el-Bahri - Amenhotep I or 21st Dynasty tomb/cache? 
  2. Tomb(s) in the Western Valkey of the Kings.  Foundation deposits have been found indicating the presence of a tomb.  Could this be the missing Amarna era tomb? 
  3. The tombs Dr Hawass announced in the Valley of the Kings (KV64), then de-announced.
  4. The various known tombs in the which have never been fully explored and the possibility of unknown chambers.
It's perhaps an opportune moment to also list some of the royal tombs which are still unknown and are likely (or are known) to be in the Luxor area:
  • Amenhotep I's tomb. 
  • Ramses VIII
  • Akhenaten, Nefertiti and other members of the Amarnan royal family?
  • Queen Isisnofret


tim said...

Hi Kate

To my knowledge if it is the same tomb in question Howard Carter found the tomb under the boulder and was believed by him by a tally of inscribed pot fragments to be Amenhotep I or Ahmes Nofretari who's name was mentioned the most on the fragments found. The tomb had been burned and cleared of its remaining contents a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, but I suspect the update refers to a different location Tim.

Of course I'm happy to be proved wrong on that...


The Green Man

david said...

I am certain it is a different location that is being discussed. The Polish have been excavating the cliff face above the temple of Hapshetsut for several year. I believe it was last year there were several posts describing their finds which included the mention of a gigantic boulder that seemed to have be dislodged purposely to cover an area plastered over. There are several areas nearby they were investigating also.

tim said...

Hi Kate

Hope you guys are right but I wonder where the reference to Amenhotep I comes from, lets hope for something exciting.

Anonymous said...

Obviously it's pure speculation on my part at this stage, but I'm leaning towards Kate's suggestion of a 21st dynasty cache perhaps usurping the orginal resting place of Amenhotep.

Exciting times!

The Green Man

John Bright said...

What about KV39 then?

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