Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, October 11, 2010

There is a new Amarna book out written by Sue Moseley called "Amarna the Missing Evidence".  I've not read it.  It sounded interesting until I read reviews on Amazon, such as:

This book says "missing evidence", and evidence certainly is missing. The sources/bibliography list is rather short, and some of the sources rather old. Especially, Ms Moseley omits any reference to the 2005 CT/MRI scan of King Tut (which was in "National Geographic"), or the discovery of KV63.

I would like to see a book by someone who has dispassionately gone over all the fragmented information about Akhenaten/Nefertiti/Amarna and arrived at conclusions. This book isn't that.
Those reviews have put me off.  My guess is that this is a book which might suit somebody who knows nothing about Amarna but wouldn't suit me so I won't be buying a copy, but if anybody has read it and thinks I should buy it then I would welcome somebody posting up a comment.

I'm beginning to think that I need to write the book I want myself!


tim said...

Hi Kate

I agree you should write the book you posses both the talent and the knowledge to do so.


Anonymous said...

Kate if you write it, i promise i will proof read it for you, daveh

Kate Phizackerley said...

And you know I need a proof-reader more than most!

Anonymous said...

Crikey i didnt mean it in that way kate i had completely forgotten all about that typo, all those years ago Wot a fabulous (and long) memory you have, the book will be a great success, probably the definitive read on the armarna period.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Dave, I was being serious. After I have written something I get word-blind for several days so I don't see typos myself. I *really* need proof reading! Seriously, if I do write a book the offer of proof reading is appreciated.

I'm not sure I'm alone though. I remember a report we had written at work. We were billing the client well in excess of £100k and they had a thing about typos. Four of us each proof read that report. No typo was spotted by more than 2 of us. Proof reading is something we all need.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks Tim

Ron Lankshear said...

Her own site seems to say much mystery is unraveled
Sue Moseley - Armana the Missing Evidence, Akhenaten, Nefertiti

with this wonderful claim
"One of the real triumphs of the book is the publication of new evidence surrounding the identity of Akhenaten’s successor, Smenkhkare. Smenkhkare is an enigmatic figure whose identity has never before been established. The new evidence reveals the mistakes that have been made in the past and is now able to show unequivocally who the new Pharaoh really was."

The review on
Heritage Key says
"However, the content does not deliver these promises. "
and also
The book itself is poorly written. It has clearly not been proofread by an editor as there are numerous typos, repeated lines, inappropriate usage of capitalisation, inconsistent spelling of Akhenaten/Akhenaton (sometimes on the same page), and many sentences written using terrible grammar."

I went to a friends book launch and it was embarrassing they had ingored his corrections. Some parts were absolute nonsense.

If you need several eyes let me know

rymerster said...

Will loan you a copy if you like, PM me on facebook (I'm Paul Rymer on your list)

The chapter on the sources for Smenkhkare's name is worth reading.

Jo said...

To be fair, she ignored some of the new stuff because her book was published in February 9, 2009. Wasn't that before the DNA stuff came out?

I've but this in my Amazon cart several times and taken out again several times because of the poor reviews (and high price for 248 pages). Still, I'd like to know what she thinks about Smenkhkare.

Jo said...
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Jo said...

By the way, Kate, I _do_ wish you would write a book about this.

I'm not going to offer to proof read for you, though I'm good at it, because I think I'd get so caught up in the book I'd forget to look for editing mistakes. ;-/

Geoff Carter said...

Hi Kate, I can sympathise with you on the proof reading front, it is so easy to publish thing on the Web complete with missing words and misspellings. It is very embarrassing if you want to be taken seriously, luckily, I have a guardian angel, Martha Murphy, who proof reads and edits my stuff. [& helpful readers like Tim]

It is very odd that book publishers let this stuff through, or that an author, given the investment of effort in writing a book, would not make every effort to get as good as possible.

PS. I would buy your book, as long as it was not too expensive!

Geoff Carter said...

PS. You will note, my comments are not proof-read!

Brian Donovan said...

Kate, to fill you, the book is notable mainly for its ommissions. It claims that there is absolutely no evidence for a pharoah by the name of Smenkhkare, arguing that the name has occured because of misreading of the sole cartouch where it appears. The author argues that this has been misread, and is actually Nefertiti. The author works on the premise that this occurance is the only occurance, and that the many others found on rings, seals etc in Amarna are not relavent. She is incredibly derogatory of "mainsteam" writers, by which she means everyone else. I bought it too in the mistaken hope she might grasp some of the big issues, but not this time.

John Bright said...

There is a book in French called "Amenhotep IV et les pierres du soleil" By Robert Vergnieux and Michel Gondran. It deals with the Aten temples at Karnak. If you can read French, it is worth reading as it concentrates on the pre-Amarna period of Aten worship and the reign of Akhnaten/Amenhotep IV.

Kate Phizackerley said...


Nobody seems to have a good word for Moseley's book. Quite apart from the proof reading (which personally I can forgive), I don't believe her position on Smenkhare / Smenkhkare is supportable.


It looks seriously interesting. My French used to be good enough and I could probably struggle through it still, albeit slowly. Cheers.


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