Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 22, 2010

I need to catch up on some items in my newsreader, but for now here is a site about restoration work at Karnak Temple in Luxor.  My thanks for John Bright for the heads up.  The site is in French, but there is also an English version.  (Centre Franco-Egyptien d'Etude des Temples de Karnak translates as the "Franco-Egyptian Centre for the Study of the Temples of Karnak".)

The latest article is a report on work in the Temple of Ptah.  Again the report is in English, but photo labels are in French.  I really recommend the article.  For those unfamiliar with the period of the Temple, this quote may help you put it into context:

Despite the low number of scattered blocks identified, the first campaign has clarified the origin of several of them, especially from the south side of the temple, which is also the most damaged. Two blocks (2516 + 2625) from the inner southern wall of the court feature an offering of Maat to [Ptah, Hathor and Harsomtous]. One block (2606) with the protocol of Ptolemy IV, located east of the temple, was put back to its original location on the top of the north wall of the court. Besides Ptolemy III and Ptolemy IV being well attested among the scattered blocks, one can note the following kings: Tuthmose III (2626); Hatshepsut (2580, 2584 and 2589), Horemheb (2575), Rameses III (a reused block in gate D and scattered blocks); Nitocris (2639); Nectanebo II (2635). Hatshepsut, Nitocris and Nectanebo II are not documented in the temple.


John Bright said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement! The temple of Ptah at Karnak is well worth a visit as it is usually quiet since it is well away from the main tourist areas. If you don't know it, it consists of a series of gateways that date from Dynasty 18 to Roman times (there is an inscription of Tiberius in Hieroglyphic), which lead to a small temple of 18th Dynasty origins. Some of the temple reliefs are in the name of Tuthmosis III but actually date from the Ptolemaic era. One of the chambers of the triple sanctuary has a statue of Sekhmet. If you catch the friendly guardian, he will take you through a gateway in the temenos wall to the enclosure of Monthu.

Stuart Tyler said...

Thanks Kate and John,

My own interests are covered by this article, so i look forward to reading it.

Much appreciated guys,


John Bright said...

There is a new book advertised on the CFEETK website by Lise Manniche. The subject is "The Karnak Colossi of Akhnaten". From the description, it seems it discusses rather more than the colossi.


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