Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, November 05, 2010

I promised to get back with links on this find.  The SCA press release has the details and the best version of the photo can be found here.  Between them these sites has everything on the Hawass blog and have a better version of the photo.  (Getting back to the days of SCA press releases is great! Long may it continue.  I'll check the copyright and may start repeating them here - press releases are usually something that can be used for reporting!)


rymerster said...

Does anyone else think this one looks a bit like Tutankhamun's second coffin?

Stuart Tyler said...

Kate - it is "Double statue of King Amenhotep III with the falcon-headed sun god Re-Horakhti. Photo: courtesy Supreme Council of Antiquities."

and not Toth,


John Bright said...

There is a good video on U-Tube narrated in French (with English sub-titles)by Hourig Sourouzian (My apologies if I have spellt her name incorrectly). This shows many more statues and parts of statues being uncovered. She also mentions plans for a site museum. If it is as interesting as the Merneptah one it will be well worth a visit.This temple must have rivalled Karnak in size.

Kate Phizackerley said...

John, is there a newer video than the March one?

Stuart, I got the Thoth reference out of the Hawass blog post but I think you are right

John Bright said...

I think excavations will have only just restarted after the summer heat, so I expect there will not be a more recent video. Does anyone know if anyone has tried to track down where the materials from this temple went. The size of the Merneptah temple is too small for them all to have been used there.


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