Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, November 15, 2010

A new route lined with sphinxes has been found in Luxor.  The previously known Sphinx Avenue runs roughly parallel to the Nile; this one runs towards the Nile.  Perhaps most importantly, it leads the the Temple of Mut which could add to what we know about that temple.   Inscriptions for Nectanebo (30th Dynasty) have been found, so this is a very late monument.

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John Bright said...

On the CFEETK (Centre Franco-Egyptien d'Etude des Temples de Karnak) web-site there is a section devoted to the clearance of the sphinx lined processional way between Karnak and Luxor. There is also a report on the Ptolemaic era baths uncovered in front of Karnak's First Pylon.
This site is a mine of information about the continuing programme of joint Franco-Egyptian excavations and restorations at Karnak. If you do not speak French, there is an English translation.


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