Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, December 02, 2010

I'd missed it but fortunately Len Solt has spotted a large article by Dr Otto Schaden on the KV63 site.  It desrives thw sorts of tasks the team plan for the next couple of seasons in both KV63 and KV10.  Both are contingent on managing to raise funds - far from easy in the current evironment.

Otto should be back in the Valley of the Kings early in the New Year and promises a further update in late Decmember.


John Bright said...

Is Dr Schaden saying that the small gold coffin is missing? I was hoping that all the finds from this tomb might have been displayed together at Luxor to give a contrast to the opulence of the objects from KV62. If one is already at Sharm el Sheikh and another seems to be missing, it looks as if that is not going to be possible

Dennis said...

In the 4 Nov post of 2010 Dig Diary Otto mentions "We should soon have some news on the ”samples” which were tested at the SCA’s Research and Conservation Center". Does anyone know what "samples" he is referring to?


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