Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, December 02, 2010

I recently posted about apparently new excavations in the Valley of the Kings and people have been discussing in comments the likely location.  Richard Sellicks has contacted me with an image from his collection which shows some of the landmarks in the excavation photo.  Richards images proves this is the Valley of the Kings.  (I have self-hosted this so click through to the maximum resolution.)

Many thanks to Richard.


Anonymous said...

So the excavations seem to be going over ground explored by Loret prior to his discovery of the tomb of Tuthmosis III. Carter did some work here at the time KV42 was found and Davis also scratched the surface. Are they looking to clear some of the known tombs properly or is it part of the continuing search that seems to be underway for the apparently missing tombs of Tuthmosis II and Ramesses VIII?

Anonymous said...

Anon i seem to recall from a visit that Tuthmosis 111s tomb is halfway up a cliff face. How much exploring of the ground around the cliff did Loret actually undertake, regards

John Bright said...

Probably not a very thorough search as he did not find KV42. It is possible that the approach to KV34 is lined with small single chambered tombs intended to be used for favoured courtiers and members of the ruling family. A thorough clearance of the area and any tombs found would prove/disprove this hypothesis.(John Romer mentions the idea which I believe originated with Elizabeth Thomas) When I first visited KV34, access was via a rickety wooden staircase, but on my last trip in 2003,this had been replaced with something more substantial and protective glass panels had been fitted in the bburial chamber.

Anonymous said...

John if they found anything like courtiers tombs it would be brilliant, especially if they contained info throwing further light on the early 18th d.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately your link does not open.
It is not very clear as to
where the excavation is in the photo?


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