Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, December 11, 2010

Francesco Tiradritti has a dig diary for their 2010 winter season at the tomb of Harwa.  There is no newsfeed so you will need to click through the calendar to read each day in turn.  I have linked to a translation into English from the original Italian.

Harwa's tomb is in Assasif area and known as TT37.  It is a 25th Dynasty tomb built on the processional way of Mentuhotep with an entrance from the south.  Although little known, it is very large for a private tomb with four underground levels and reaches depths of 25m.  The best sites explaining the tomb I have found are here and here. Jane Akshar also covered a Mummification Museum lecture in 2009 which has more details.  The video below is from 2009 as well - but it is in Italian

Harwa's mummy is in the Field Museum in Chicago. There is an (English!) video about it, although the video has a lot of general shots of places like Karnak but persist and you will get shots of the mummy and his cedar coffin later.


tim said...

Hi Kate

Very interesting post with the second video on the mummy of Harwa a must see, though the tomb of Harwa website is a bit of a runaround.



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