Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where antiquities and monuments have been saved, it is frequently thanks to the efforts of ordinary Egyptians.  If the purpose of the uprising is to assert a new identity as Egyptians, it seems that the future includes a pride and interest in their historic past. For me that demonstration of pride will be an enduring memory of this crisis.

To the many unsung heroes who have protected artefects of global importance, my thanks and respect.


Julia Thorne said...

Couldn't have said it better Kate!

Anonymous said...

It just shows that, whether or not legitimate, it is not at all safe to return any artifacts from abroad museums back to Egypt. One could not start to imagine what could have happened to for instance the statue of Nefertiti, if it was in the Egyptian Museum in Caïro.

Stephanie said...

To be fair to Hawass I think he would have taken good care at least of the most famous objects like Nefertiti`s bust but I was rather worried what would have happened to many less well-known artifacts.
This does not mean though that I think he is right to claim back artifacts from all over the world, that is another question.

The current situation in Egypt is an exceptional one which occurred almost overnight and nobody was prepared for it.
In such a situation almost nothing is safe and one should not point the finger at Hawass now and say we knew you were uncapable to keep things properly.
Things like this can happen in many countries, even those you would never have thought of.

The Germans had refused the request for the bust anyway before the unrest in Egypt, and of course they will now decline any further request for lack of safety.

But, most importantly of all, a big well done to all the Egyptians who defend their historical sites and artifacts in addition to their own property, and I hope they can keep it up!


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