Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, January 31, 2011

It sounds as though the SCA has been divorced from the Ministry of Culture.  Dr Hawass remains Head of SCA, but now at Ministerial level.  I've not seen an official press release so that could be wrong, but it seems highly plausible so I'll risk being wrong on this one!


Ingeborg W. said...

Reports might be right as I thought I saw a glimpse of Zahi taking the oath with Mubarak on BBC news.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Confirmed I think, but the title probably translates better as Minister of Antiquities

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Maybe now he has the authority to actually protect those things and places he was supposed to protect and have Mubarak's support. Oh, right, he already had that but decided to not post any guards at the Coptic Museum, have only three at the Cairo Museum, and totally neglect everything else. I know, he just forgot Mubarak's telephone number and really couldn't do anything himself. SHAME!

Stephanie said...

Sounds good but it is rather uncertain how long this position will last.
It could well be that Mubarak has to go himself soon, then this appointment probably becomes, well, pointless.

tim said...

As long as Mubarak is in power his decisions are now short term band aids.

To accept a position in Mubarak's new government may poison any future position in the next legitimate government. Those appointed now by Mubarak are probably nothing more than puppets.

There is also I suspect plenty of talent among the people who work for the preservation of Egypt's antiquities and Dr. Hawass is at the age of retirement!

Roger Hubert said...

Kate, yes, you are right. The up-date internet streaming on The Huffington Post today Jan 31 states: "Also, Egypt's most famous archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, was named state minister for antiquities, a new post." Your up-dates and the comments have been most helpful as this chapter of Egyptian history unfolds. I haven't been inside the Cairo Museum in years, but current limited photos seem to show same placement to exhibits. Hope there are also barricades inside the museum now, with the most highly lootable/important objects inside glass cases removed to their "on tour" crates into basement, etc. If there is to be possible 1,000,000 protestors on Tuesday outside museum in Tahrir (Liberation) Square, any collapse of order could not be held by glass or caring souls. Hawass will be held responsible for safe-keeping, no matter his titles. Tuesday could be Egypt's finest hour if the regime can leave peacefully. Hawass may well need to address his own regime as Pharaoh of Egyptology toward the science of Egyptology and not politics. This could be his finest hour, too.


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