Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, January 24, 2011

Andie Byrnes has picked this one up.  Project Djehuty are back at work with a dig diary.

Today begins a new campaign, a campaign is not either, as is our 10 th CAMPAIGN. Ten years already! And this promises to be a good year. The work plan includes the excavation of the innermost chamber of the tomb of Hery, after last year will solve the problem of falling debris through a big hole in the middle of the ceiling of the room. A second group will be digging while inside the neighboring tomb of Baki, where debris fell well within Hery to be located a few yards further up the hillside. Outside, continue digging over graves, near the small chapel Ramesside we found a couple of years. And finally, a fourth group will begin digging in the southern part of the expansion of the site, to the left of the courtyard entrance to the tomb of Djehuty, which appears to have great potential.
Sorry, that is a Google translation from the Spanish!   Unfortunately there is no RSS feed so I find it hard to keep up to date.



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