Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, January 31, 2011

Are these the two mummies destroyed in the attack on the Egyptian National Museum?  It's an era of Egypt I know nothing about, but if those checking the photo of one damaged mummy which I linked earlier, could please consider these two mummies as potential candidates then I should be grateful.

My reasoning is that we know Late Period was raided.  The suggestions are that was focused on the Tanis collection.  That's not verified though, so don't take it as fact.  These two mummies were housed together in one room.  It's that geography that makes me wonder whether they might be the victims.

If anyone has any photos they can use to check, I should be grateful.


Anonymous said...

Not at all likely since the mummies of Takelot I and Osorkon II are no longer preserved, but Tjuya and Yuya are far more likely. Also the speculation that the Tanis treasures have been attacked are (hopefully!) premature. None of the photos so far indicate this.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks. That explains why I couldn't find photos of the actual mummies.

As to the Tanis collection, Dr Hawass has specifically said ten Late Period cases were broken open. There's speculation that's Tanis stuff but there's nothing reliable to verify that. However they were intent on stealing as much as smashing so it's likely to be small valuable objects they went for, which is why it's so surprising (and unfortunate) that they also descrated two mummies.


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