Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, January 29, 2011

I've scoured the news sources.  This seems to be the current situation:

# Tourists already in Egypt are safe.  The airports are all open but flights are disrupted if air crew cannot get to the airport.  At present FCO are not advising evacuation of tourists and changing flights in Cairo remains safe ... If nervous.  The situation is fluid and FCO are reviewing their advice annually.

# Red Sea tourist resorts in Sinai have been unaffected.  There are reports however that riots may now be spreading to Sinai so again the situations is dynamic.

# I've seen pictures of the Egyptian Museum standing in a sea of smoke.  It is guarded by the army and presently secure.  It is obviously shut.  Cairo itself is seeing another day of massive protests.  The touch point will come as dark falls.  There is a curfew again - 16 hours a day of curfew.  It was totally ignored last night.  The army have asked people to obey it tonight. Whether they enforce it could prove pivotal.

# The army has closed the Giza Pyramids to tourists.  There are no reports from the other pyramid fields.

# There is scant news from Luxor.  Jane Akshar got a message out to someone which is on her blog to say things were quiet.  Al Jazeera report that has changed.  The party HQ in Luxor has been burned out, there are riots and tanks in the streets.  There is no news from the West Bank.  Hopefully everything is secure but there is obviously a risk of looting, particularly of any unguarded tombs.

# Aswan has dropped off the map. I have heard no news of riots, but then I've just heard no news.  All the indications are that all tourists on cruises are safe. 

# Alexandria seems to be experiencing the same as Cairo.  Suez seems to be a hotspot.  The Canal has always been a military zone and remains open. If that changes news would fly around the world in minutes because it would have such an enormous impact on oil prices.  At present nobody seems particularly worried that it might close.

# The Egyptian Internet is still down so news is a bit sparse.  In many ways TV is the best coverage - Al Jazeera if you can get it.  (It's not the first time I've relied on Al Jazeera.  For travel I personally now rate it above CNN.)


kmtscribe said...

Zahi Hawass has commented on this,
having gone to the museum, so not
just speculation.
Looters destroy mummies in Egyptian Museum: official - Yahoo! News


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