Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, January 02, 2011

Carole Hawley is just back from Luxor and has two pieces of news:

1. The guides say that Tutankhamun's body will permanently be removed from his tomb this summer (2011). 

2.  She came across Kent Weeks who has a team again clearing tomb KV5. 

They also visited KV8, possibly one of the best tombs presently open in the Valley of the Kings.

My thanks to Carole.  Andy Byrnes should be back this week too and I'm really looking forwards to her personal report from Luxor.  She promised to try to visit the Western Valley.


Anonymous said...

I cant imagine the guides story could possibly be true. It would be outrageous and nullify everything that has been policy before to remove tutankhamun's body from his final resting place. If there is any true in the story it might be a temporary storage of the body elsewhere while the tomb is subjected to the conservation mentioned previously.


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