Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Sunday, January 16, 2011

When I rehomed The World of Hieroglyphs, I didn't re-upload the zip of WP-Hiero. I've now created a version 1.1 of it, and uploaded that instead. You can access it via this page.

WP-Hiero is a simple hieroglyphics parser, offered as a WordPress plugin (or for stand alone use for peope who don't have WordPress on their server).  It uses the NewGardiner font from Mark Jan Nederhof so is classified as non-commercial use only, which is why I cannot add it to the WordPress repository.  As I say, this is the simple plugin and still very much a work in progress.  It is inteaded for small pieces of MDC (Manuel de Codage) like A12-B12 or p*(t:Z4):pt

(Keep reading about WP-Hiero version 1.1)

I'll write up better instructions when it is finished.  There has been some confusion, though, which I should clear up.  It uses Manuel de Codage as explained at the Catchpenny mirror i.e. as a markup language for layout.  So it parses - * : ! as separators.  (The latter is a new addition in this version.)  It is not intended for making up transliterated text.

It is primitive, partly because it is a work in progress, and partly because I am working on the more advanced plugin as the main offering.  I have started work on adding cartouches.  I wasn't sure I wanted to to take it that far, but I can see the merits in doing so.  I would hope that cartouches should be formally available when I release version 1.2.  There is no shading or rotation in this version - those fancy features are in the main plugin.

I know that some people want hieroglyphs on sites which don't run WordPress.  I have tested it and it works without WordPress so long as you have PHP and the GD-Image library loaded.  Not all hosts offer this - I have cheap space on 1&1 and it doesn't work there, but it should work on most hosts.  Just unpack the .zip and upload it to a folder (preferably a new folder) on your server.  Then use this syntax to access images:

<img alt="A12" src="http://www," />

That is the HTML to add an image into a web page without using WordPress. (Sorry, it doesn't work on Blogger - you need your own web space.)  Replace "" with your own domain, and "temp" with your own folder or path.  Again, I'll write up full, clear instructions when the plugin is finished: I am working on the basis that anybody who wants this while it is still in development will be a follow-your-nose type of person!  You just replace that A12 with the glyph or (short) MDC you want, so something like glyph=-ii-m-Htp

You can try it out if you want by visiting this image and playing around with the input yourself. (Don't rely on those images remaining online. They are temporary and I'll take them down again in a few weeks. Something to play with. If you want the images on your own site, then download the .zip and get it working.)  It's already a quick way of grabbing glyphs.  Just enter what you need and download the image to your hard-drive when you have what you want.  You can then paste that into Word or PowerPoint or whatever.  Again, I'll do full, step-by-step instructions later in the year.

I'll just add that you can play around with size and color like this which is big, red glyphs.  Try changing the A12 to an A4 for instance, or the size from 120 down to 30, or the color from red to black.



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