Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, February 17, 2011

As soon as I started compiling the Egyptological Looting Database 2011, the conflicts within reports became obvious to me.

Blue Shield came to the same conclusion and despatched a cultural team to Egypt.  As chance had it, they landed a day after Mubarak stepped down which eased things, although it was still a difficult mission and I have nothing but praise for their achievements.  Their report and photographs are on the Austrian Blue Shield website.  I have not had time yet to review the photo gallery but will do so later (I am on the mobile still today).


In summary the museum at Memphis has not been looted as previously reported.  As suspected, there was widespread digging at Abusir but it was shallow and is not believed to have disturbed the archaeology.  The news from Dashur and Saqqara is less good and there has been forced entry into  tombs and looting of magazines.  The very good news is that tombs and reliefs show no sign of damage, although today's report from the SCA show that some items stored within tombs were taken.  It wasn't possible to enter every tomb: this was a flying visit and some tombs are bricked up for their protection. As I have said before, over the next few months these will need checking.  Nonetheless that tombs which were inspected were undamaged is highly encouraging.  That includes the unique Pyramid Texts in the Unas Pyramid which very surprisingly wasn't even entered by the looters.

I hope people find the report reassuring.  Above all, I welcome the additional clarity.  A lot of people inside and outside Egypt have worked hard to undertake this inspection in what remains a difficult, albeit slowly improving, environment. My thanks especially to Karl and Joris and also to Blue Shield for releasing the report into the public domain so expeditiously.


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