Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I posted up the latest article from the new Minsiter of Antiquities which is very reassuring that looting is under control.  In the interests of balance, I wanted to share this alternative view in the British National press.  (The Sun has a reputation for sensationalism and sometimes fanciful coverage, but sections seem to have a ring of truth to them.)  My thanks to Ingeborg Waanders for sharing this heartbreaking article.

Hundreds of thieves yesterday swarmed like locusts over a revered site in the shadow of the pyramids - taking advantage of the chaos to ransack the House of the Temple of Osiris. 
It was worst at the sites below the pyramids marking the tombs of the pharaohs Neferefre and Sahure, which are among the oldest in Egypt dating back to 2475 BC.
 There is also a picture of gangs digging, supposedly taken at Abusir.  The Sun also claims that 3,000 articles were taken from the magazine at Qantara; others were smashed.  In that case, the return of 288 items reported by the Minster for Antiquities is a drop in the ocean.


Stuart Tyler said...

Years/centuries of work, gone. If only 99.9% of stolen artifacts have been properly documented and studied, before being stolen- then we may be able to breath a sigh of relief.
I am fearful they are gone forever - some items may be undocumented.



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