Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 01, 2011

#Mubarak has said that he will not stand in October.  He has asked Parliament to investigate corruption in the recent elections and to seek political reform.  He wants the Judiciary to investigate the looting and to find and prosecute the culprits.

I don't normally cover politics,but this is huge.  Hopefully it is enough and Egypt will get back to peace. The next few hours will be critical.  He is not leaving Egypt: he intends to stay in Egypt until his death.

Update: five minutes later watching the Al Jazeera coverage from Tahrir Square the feeling is that going in October is not enough.


Anonymous said...

This is great news. I do think that Mubarak has done the right thing. One point that has not been made strongly enough is that he has many supporters out in the country as well as detractors. A couple of million demonstrators in the major cities do not necessarily reflect the will of the people, but we will never know now if he could have secured a majority against a credible opponent in a genuinely free and fair election.

Stuart Tyler said...

"He is not leaving Egypt: he intends to stay in Egypt until his death"

Really? Where will he stay, Alexandria? Cairo? Luxor?

"There's no room at the inn I'm afraid, Mr Mubarak."

Stuart (tongue-in-cheek)

tim said...

He who does not go now will not go in the fall that is the beauty of being a dictator.

Should the Egyptian people back down now from their peaceful demonstrations we may have to see the horror of the last few days revisited in October.

All is for nothing without the removal of Mubarak and the Egyptian revolution has yet to be successful.

Vincent said...

Mubarak stated one of his top priorities was to find and punish the thugs that have been attacking people in their homes.

Well he employed them so it shouldn't be very difficult for him to achieve.

It has been reported by many eyewitnesses and mainstream news that the looters have been identified as the Egyptian Police in plain clothes sent out by Mubarak to keep people fearful of leaving their homes unattended. It was a crude attempt to stop the revolution.

Here is a report from the Washington Post:

This is one of Egypt's greatest moments. Finally, Egypt will have a democratically elected Government.

Anonymous said...

The reliance on unsubstantiated eye witness accounts describing the thugs as plain clothes police is a bit unsafe Vincent if you do not mond me saying. It smacks of conspiracy theory too much to me, just like the museum break in was an inside job according to some sources. I am sure that a lot of the looters were genuine looters and opportunists just like you get in any society in any age.

Anonymous said...

I will add to anons comments, despite his failure to implement much needed democratic reforms at home, Mubbarack will go down in history as a great peacemaker because of his bravery in going against the rest of the Arab world at the Camp David accords and forging peace with Israel.

Vincent said...


It is not a "theory" as you put it, nor are the reports "unsubstantiated". On the contrary, it has been confirmed by Human RIghts Watch:

"Peter Bouckaert, the emergency director at Human Rights Watch, said hospitals confirmed that they received several wounded looters shot by the army carrying police identification cards. They also found several cases of looters and vandals in Cairo and Alexandria with police identification cards"

It's not just the Washington Post who is reporting this.

Of course there are opportunists taking what they can too - look at the local kids in Saqqara and Aabusir for example. But they are not shooting people and in no way does that negate the fact that plain clothes Police are looting and terrorising people in their homes.

Anonymous said...

Well in that case you must be 100% right Vincent, that will certainly teach me to have an open mind about these things until all the facts are established. Bet this is why you dont normally blog on politics kate

Vincent said...

I have just gone back to Andie's blog after posting my last comment here and she has posted a statement from the Egypt Cultural Heritage Organization.

Here is a part of that statement:

"the perpetrators of the looting of this gift shop appear to have been security guards and tourist police who had removed their uniforms.”

Ron Lankshear said...

I've just seen President Obama telling Mubarak to go. they had just spoken on phone and Obama relayed the Mubarak not standing for election message - but Obama was clear time to go.

People on streets are quite clear too.
Wonderful to see a push for Democracy ....

Anonymous said...

having seen so many wildly varying inconsistent accounts of the looting some of them by supposed figures of authority i dont know what to believe and am certainly not in a rush to judgement on this. It does seem a tiny bit odd to me that if agents were sent out on a clandestine mission on behalf of the state that they would carry their ID with them. On the other hand knowing how corrupt, poorly paid and rubbish the police are it does seem likely that they would go off on a frolic of their own.

Marianne Luban said...

This has nothing to do with the present crisis but looking at so many northern Egyptian faces in the square has been quite interesting for me. A lot of the time, we only see those working at or near the Valley of the Kings in southern Egypt in documentaries.

Kate Phizackerley said...

I think your comments both have something to do with this postand with the usual subject of this blog. To me the past week seems to have demonstrated that there remains a real difference between Upper and Lower Egypt.

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