Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Monday, February 07, 2011

News has slowed down a lot: there is little new on the fate of antiquities during the unrest and with the Web swamped, I cannot find many other stories either.  So all I can offer is an interview with the famous Bostonian Egyptologist, Mark Lehner.

Andie Byrnes and I are meeting up tomorrow to do some work on our new magazine, which has been delayed again by our total focus for the past ten days on the situation in Egypt.  I plan on relaxing and drinking rather too much so there will be no news tomorrow after mid-afternoon!


Andie said...

Thank goodness for that - I do so hate to drink too much on my own! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wish i could join you two. Im hopeless at IT and squidoo lenses and all that but quite handy around red wine. regards daveh


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