Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's starting to take on the hallmarks of a TV drama like Bones or CSI.  Just who were the two mummies?  First we all feared they could be Yuya and Thuya, but the pictures proved they weren't.  The next information seemed to suggest that they were in a case that an intruder had fallen on top of and smashed accidentally, perhaps Late Period non-royal mummies?

The latest indication in NY Times, based on an interview with Dr Hawass, was that they were taken from a research lab.  If true, that would mean there is another area of the museum which the inruders "visited".  It also makes it even harder to guess who they might be as the mummies might never have been in display.

Edit: link now works - sorry it was very late!  


Scrabcake said...

I'm still looking through literature. They were not royal, I think. I do not recognize them. Most of the late period tombs yielded Skeletal remains only. We do seem to have some remains of Shoshenq II and Harsiese according to Salima Ikram's The Mummy in Ancient Egypt, but these are only skeletal because of water damage. So much for the theory that these are late period royals.
There's not a whole lot of love in the literature and especially the photographic record for non-royal mummies. Usually they are just unwrapped and even discarded as rubbish with a paragraph or two in a journal and no photos--in the past we seem to have had a much different view of the sanctity of the long dead.

Stephanie said...

I cannot get access to the interview in the link.
Kate, can you or anybody else briefly write what is being said about the damage in the lab?
I can`t imagine what kind of looters would go and mess up a scientific lab when there are so many precious artefacts at hand. Unless they are government agents who are sent to create a chaos, that is.

Mark Morgan said...

Correct link for the NYT Hawass interview

Stephanie said...

Thanks a lot, I found it!
The reference to the mummies being from the lab is very short though, just one sentence. It does not sound reliable and I would not take it seriously at present.


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