Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, February 09, 2011

UPDATE 22:24 UK: it gets even more confusing.  Some are suggesting that the museum wasn't looted last night, but it is feared that it is in imminent danger of being looted.

I have just updated the Looting Database to report that the Museum in Kharga was looted.

I am having trouble sorting the news in Kharga into a timeline, so I am not sure what news is yesterday, and what is unfolding today.  There are reports that the museum is facing attack and has been abandoned by the police, but I cannot determine whether that refers yesterday's attack or whether it is a new crisis.  See here.

The human situation in Kharga is also desperate.  It is impossible to verify the news but allegedly the police have let criminals out of the prisons (but did not free political prisoners) and the police are using live ammunition against pro-democracy protesters.  Five people are reported dead so far.  All unverified but video is starting to appear as well as Twitter reports.

Sorry not to be more precise, but with no media in Kharga it is very difficult to form a proper picture.



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