Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A small number of people are reporting a problem with the new looting database site and that the text is white on white.  I think this is a browser bug, probably an old browser.  I have tested the site on Chrome, IE8 and Firefox and they are all OK.  I've also tested it on a Smartphone.  All are OK.

If you do have problems, please let me know.  If you could please tell me what browser version, and whether you are on Mac, Windows Linux etc.  I'll try to get any problems ironed out as soon as I can.  I'm sorry for anybody who is inconvenienced by this.  If you'd prefer, you can leave a comment below if you have a problem

Update - Fixed

A problem with IE7 was identified and has been fixed.  If you are using this version of Internet Explorer and still see white text on a white background, please press CTRL-F5 to reload the site in your browser.  This will download the corrected stylesheet and fix the problem.

My apologies again to anybody affected.

I am sorry but like many people these days, I am not able to support IE6.



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