Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I think I have caught up with all of today's news and consolidated it into the new Looting Database, with the exception of re-writing the entry for the Egyptian Museum in Cairo based on the statement from Dr Hawass.  The news today has been mixed:

  • Reports continue to come in from many sites that they are presently safe and protected either by the army or what has become effectively a local militia
  • We can be increasingly confident that the Coptic Museum in Cairo survived the attempted attack with minimal losses, and that the National Museum in Alexandria is safe.  (The reports of a fire last week seem to have been incorrect.)
  • We have more information about the damage in the Egyptian Museum.  It does seem to be restricted to Late Period items which were dropped because they weren't valuable, and to those items shown in the TV coverage.
  • Abusir continues to be the site of greatest concern (although there are no reports from several sites yet).  There are widespread reports of looting on a massive scale, supported by press pictures, although these cannot yet be conclusively pinpointed to Abusir.
  • The status of Saqqara is unclear with very contrasting reports.
  • Other sites in the Cairo / Memphis / Faiyoum area which have not been protected by the military seem to have been particularly at risk.  There is relatively little news from Upper Egypt but the little there is, is generally encouraging.



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