Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, February 04, 2011

What genuinely seems to be a new report from Saqqara has appeared at CulureGrrl.  I have some reservations because the orginal source is not named; however I know that some people are reluctant to appear to contradict Dr Hawass so that might be legitimate.  For those reasons, it adds to our picture of events but it still isn't definitive.

Rather than summarise the report, I suggest you read it for yourself as there is a lot of information in there.  The good news is that the site sounds as though it is now pretty secure - the most serious damage was done on Saturday.

Once again, however, there is a story of on-site SCA staff going above and beyong the call of duty to protect their sites against armed gangs.

PS I should add that separately reports say that Dasour is safe and secure.   Although unverified, this seems likely.  Concern grows for Abusir.



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