Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, February 26, 2011

There have been some problems recently of comments which have vanished after they had  been posted and even after thay had appeared!  It seems that Blogger has changed its spam filter and some comments are wrongly getting flagged as spam and I hadn't realised that Blogger was doing that.  I've just retrieved 8 comments that had been wrongly marked as spam over the past few weeks.  My apologies.  Now I know about it, when I post I'll also check no comments have been wrongly flagged as spam.

My guess is that it is an issue mostly affecting people who are posting anonymously or with a Name/URL.  It doesn't seem to gave affected those with a Google account for instance.

Anybody else with a blog on Blogger might wish to check their own spam queue! 

My apologies again.


Vincent said...
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Vincent said...

Your missing comments might be related to Google's recent crack down on content farms, and bloggers using blackhat SEO techniques. They've just changed their search engine's algorithm.

Seeing as Google owns Blogger so this might have something to do with your spam filter being more aggressive recently.

I've noticed an increase in comment spam on Talking Pyramids over the past few months that gets past my spam filter. It's usually some vague statement such as:

"This is a very useful website with good information. I have saved it to my favourites and will be returning often."

These comments are always accompanied by a link to a "loose weight fast" or similar website.

I have to manually check all comments before letting them through.


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