Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, February 18, 2011

Although journalists were allowed inside the Egyptian Museum on Wednesday, I have found very little online video footage.  There this Russian video, with a pigeon-English commentary that is going to irritate you.

This is a similar report from the BBC, with a rather better commentary.  Please take a look at the cabinet shown at 0:54.  Can anybody identify the statue shown?  It is suggested to Dr Hawass that the raid involved professional thieves.  He says not, because no masterpieces were taken.  That's a true Zahism.  I suspect he means they did not take the mask; however, the security for the mask was much tighter and it is also very heavy, so it is not surprising they didn't take it.  The BBC commentrary criticises the museum for it's obvious lack of climate control and modern security and asks where all the money raised from access charges has gone?  Others are going to be asking that question in the weeks to come.

Much the best of the bunch is a French video which includes two women who question the official version of the theft and believe that the looters had a key.  (Early reports suggested that the museum keys had been stolen.) I have embedded this one if you prefer:


Margaret Maitland said...

Hi Kate, the statue that you asked about that's shown in the cabinet at 0:54 is the Tutankhamun figure from the panther statue. I id'd it before ( when raw al Jazeera footage was posted on youTube but then it got taken down- that's what's shown on the BBC video. At the 1:32 mark on the French video you can see the Mesehti boat has been repaired and is back on display, as is the Tujya cartonnage.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Thanks Margaret


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