Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Saturday, March 05, 2011

There is a new article by Dr Hawass which has appeared on asharq alawsat ( in which he relates his terror on 25th January that the Egyptian Museum might be destroyed by fire if fire sprang from the burning building next door. 

I was horrified at the thought of the world's largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts and exhibits being in danger, although I was still unaware that there was another threat to the Egyptian Museum other than fire, namely the threat of its security being breached! 
There is nothing in the article about current events, but more about how he reacted.  More personal blog than Egyptology.


kev said...

Another attempt at drumming up public sympathy! The Hawass publicity department in full flow.

Anonymous said...

Hawass has released a question and answer "interview" on his website, today 6th March. Martin.


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