Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Friday, March 04, 2011

As with many Hawass stories, even his resignation story is full of contradictions and uncertainty. Yesterday it seemed certain he had resigned. Today CNN report him telling them that he hasn't resigned yet but will do if asked to do so by the new Prime Minister; however if he resigns when asked he is doing so as a protest at the inability to protect sites.

Reading between the lines he sounds to me as though he hopes that people will tell him he is too important to lose but he would prefer someone else was responsible if things go wrong.  Maybe he will be retained in some capacity, but it is hard to see how somebody else could do the job if hagridden by Hawass from the sidelines.


tonic said...

hawass was resign like all ministers of the govnerment (3th march). Hawass can't stay when the prime minister leaves.

Anonymous said...

It may also be surprising to never have read a special tribute to the director of the Cairo Museum, Tarek El Awady, who had a brilliant
idea: knowing that the thieves would seek first gold objects of the treasure of Tutankhamun he simply cut off the electricity in these rooms without windows. No doubt he has saved thousands of pieces more valuable than those
that were destroyed or stolen.

Kate Phizackerley said...

Hopefully there will be a full, independent investigation so that those who deserve praise receive it, and so that anybody who is culpable faces the conseuqences. I do agree that if somebody is responsible for saving many antiquities that should be recognised.

Stephanie said...

See the latest entry (interview) on his website
Seems he really has resigned but talks of possibly coming back when security is restored.


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