Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, March 03, 2011

In a new statement on his blog, Dr Hawass gives a list of sites which have been attacked, looted or vandalised.  Although widely reported as very bad news, actually most of these attacks had already been reported; several incidents are weeks old.  As he gives neither dates nor details, it is very dificult to determine which are new incidents.  For instance, he reports that the Tomb of Impy at Giza was broken in to, but the first reports of break ins ay Giza appeared at the end of January, but an armed raid was also reported a few days ago.  So is the attack in Impy new or old?  I have incorporated the new report into the Looting Database.

Genuinely new in terms of the reports I have seen are attacks on some Islamic sites.  Fortunately these do not seem to be severe and there are no new reports of attacks on monasteries.

One part of Hawass' report is definitely new:
The tomb of Ken-Amun in Tell el-Maskhuta, near Ismailia, was completely destroyed. It is the only known 19th Dynasty tomb in Lower Egypt.
The photo (courtesy SCA) shows a relief from the tomb.  We only have the Hawass report and don't know whether the tomb was vandalised or whether reliefs were removed.  While normally the hacking out of reliefs from tombs is dreadful news, in the context of "complete destruction", we obviously hope it was looted so that something might one day be recovered.  If you would like more information about the tomb, Discovery News covered its recent discovery:
Beautifully decorated, the tomb features scenes from the Book of the Dead, culminating with the famous vignettes from Chapter 125, which depict the critical judgment ceremony.



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