Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The team resumed work on 15th January and the season is continuing.  The latest update includes details of their work this winter, including:

The 400-ton torso of the North Colossus of Amenhotep III at the Second Pylon was transported on a ramp 9.5 meters towards its original place and is now lying near and parallel to its pedestal. It lies now on its right flank facing east. A plinth was cemented under its base to facilitate the lifting. The torso will be placed on the pedestal as soon as the plinth dries. This operation is planned for mid-March 2011.
There is a nice photo as well as more details of their work.


Patrick said...

Kate, I am confused! Are there really TWO teams working at Kom-el-Hetan (pardon the spelling), the one led by Sourousian and one under the auspices of the SCA (with upgates on Hawass's webpage)? I know it's a vast site, but it does seem odd to have two teams in apparent competition with each other!


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