Posted by Kate Phizackerley on Thursday, March 03, 2011

The University of Basel had to somewhat curtail their winter season in the Valley of the Kings, but as their preliminary season report reveals, they still achieved a great deal. 

One of the achievements was the re-excavation of tomb KV40 about which almost nothing is known.  Their partial clearance has revealed pottery from the 18th Dynasty.  The shaft has been protected with an iron barrier, but it is good to see the tomb opening.  The article has pictures before they cleared the shaft.

The left of the picture also shows a new feature whose purpose is presently unknown.  It is suspected that it might be a funerary deposit of some sort.   

They also analysed the burial chamber of KV59.  Again almost nothing is known of this tomb and it seems nothing probably every will be as it is bereft of decoration and has been completely robbed.  Only a few New Kingdom potsherds were found but these might even have been washed in as the tomb has been flooded at least three times.  They say the tomb might never have been used for burial.

They also started work within the undecorated tomb KV29 which has also been flooded.

(Photo © University of Basel)


John Bright said...

This is encouraging news since many of these undecorated tombs were given only the simplest of clearances by either Loret or Davis. Hopefully, there might be something to salvage so that a poorly documented part of The Valley's history can be sketched in. It will also, I would hope, make clear to the popular media that in the 18th Dynasty at least, it was not just pharaohs who were buried here.

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